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Chiropractic Care Helpful For Dizziness, Neck Pain and Balance

New research suggests chiropractic care may provide benefits to a number of those suffering from dizziness and balance related problems in addition to neck pain. Dizziness and balance problems can often originate in the cervical (neck) region. Through specific, safe and skillfully applied chiropractic adjustments, treating the cervical region may clear up reported dizziness and balance problems. In the study, researchers found "clinically meaningful change" in subjects who initially reported suffering from dizziness, neck pain and balance problems, and, who subsequently received 8 weeks of chiropractic care. Researchers concluded, "Most patients demonstrated improved balance, and some showed reduced dizziness and neck pain." If you are suffering from neck/back pain, and/or dizziness and balance problems, consider trying safe, natural and effective chiropractic care today!


Source: Journal of Chiropractic Medicine. Vol 8, Issue 4; December 2009.